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Oleg Rudavin

freelancer, partner in Ukraine

Translator with more than 20 years of experience, and a graduate of Kharkov State University, Oleg was one of the first dedicated internet freelancers in Ukraine, and one of the few to focus totally on end-customers from developed countries. In addition, he started promoting freelance translations as an occupation on the web, at conferences that he organized and at international industry events. Oleg authored a popular book on freelancing for translators.

Diversification as a Way to New Income-Generating Sources

Freelance doesn’t always keep us busy translating days, weeks or months on end. Lulls between jobs are a perfect time to evaluate one's professional prospects and schedule steps to insure one's wellbeing in the future. It's from this viewpoint that we'll look at diversification and assess different types of activity (both linguistic and non-linguistic) suitable for translators, focusing primarily on their monetization.